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Betty Finn, portrayed by Renée Estevez, is a minor character in the cult classic film Heathers. Betty is a childhood friend of Veronica Sawyers, but the two lost touch after Veronica joined the Heathers.

Early Life

Not much is known about Betty's early life other than that she was childhood friends with Veronica Sawyer until she joined the Heathers.


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Veronica Sawyer

It is mentioned at the beginning of the film that Veronica Sawyer and Betty Finn were childhood friends, remaining friends through middle and high school until Veronica joined the Heathers. Neither seems to be upset about their friendship ultimately ending and harbor no hard feelings. They interact several times over Veronica missing Betty's birthday party, showing old pictures of the duo on Halloween, and Betty coming over to Veronica's house to play croquet after Heather Chandler's death. It is assumed that their friendship resumed after the Heathers disbanded.


  • "Nice guys finish last, I should know."