Heather McNamara, portrayed by Lisanne Falk, is a support character in the cult classic film Heathers. She is the head cheerleader at Westerburg High and is arguably the nicest of the Heathers. Heather McNamara's signature color is yellow, symbolizing her cautious and timid nature.

Early Life

Not much is known about Heather McNamara's early life other than that she became one of the three Heathers prior to her Junior year. It is revealed that she suffers from depression during a call in to a popular radio show.


Veronica Sawyer

Heather McNamara is arguably the closest friend to Veronica Sawyer of the three Heathers. The duo go on a double date with Kurt and Ram with Heather referring to Veronica as her best friend. Veronica later stops Heather from committing suicide after Heather Duke bullies her, and they skip school to go shopping afterwards.

Heather Chandler

Not much of a relationship is shown between Heather Chandler and Heather McNamara. Heather Chandler appears to trust Heather McNamara enough to make several requests of her throughout the film and allowing her to join the Heathers. Heather McNamara is always seen with her arm around Heather Chandler showing that they are comfortable enough to have friendly physical contact.

Heather Duke

Heather Duke and Heather McNamara do not seem particularly close. Heather McNamara follows Heather Duke's orders after the death of Heather Chandler.

Attempted Suicide

Heather McNamara calls into a popular radio show known as Hot Probz, she tells the host her name is Heather, but retracts and says her name is Madona instead, and eventually settles with Tweety. She explains her depression, how the last boy she had sex with commited suicide, she's failing math, and that she didn't make it as cheerleading captain. Veronica Sawyer and Heather Duke overhear the show, which prompts Heather Duke to bully Heather McNamara the next day at school. Heather McNamara runs out of the classroom and to the bathroom where she attempts suicide by overdosing on prescription drugs. Veronica runs into the bathroom to stop her, after a brief talk the two decide to skip the rest of the school day and go shopping.


  • "Yeah, where's your urge to purge?"
  • "Suicide is a private thing."
  • "God has cursed me, I think. The last guy I had sex with killed himself the next day. I'm failing math. I was supposed to be cheerleading captain..."
  • "Do they even have Thanksgiving in Africa?"

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