WARNING: suicide in song

I Am Damaged is the twenty-first song of the Off-Broadway musical, Heathers.

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Heathers- The Musical - I Am Damaged (lyrics)01:29

Heathers- The Musical - I Am Damaged (lyrics)


I am damaged
Far too damaged
But, you're not beyond repair
Stick around here
Make things better
'Cause you beat me fair and square

Please stand back now
'Little further
Don't know what this thing will do
Hope you'll miss me
Wish you'd kiss me
Then you'd know I worship you
I'll trade my life for yours

Oh my God

And once I disappear (Wait, hold on!)
Clean up the mess down here (Not this way!)

Our love is God
Our love is God
Our love is God
Our love is God

Say hi to God

Where have you been?
People were saying you killed yourself

You look like hell

I just got back

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