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File:Heathers- The Musical - Dead Girl Walking (lyrics)File:Heathers- The Musical - Dead Girl Walking (reprise) (lyrics)File:Heathers- The Musical - Fight for Me (lyrics)
File:Heathers- The Musical - Freeze Your Brain (lyrics)File:Heathers- The Musical - I Am Damaged (lyrics)File:Heathers- The Musical - Kingergarten Boyfriend (lyrics)
File:Heathers- The Musical - Lifeboat (lyrics)File:Heathers- The Musical - Me Inside of Me (lyrics)File:Heathers- The Musical - Our Love Is God (lyrics)
File:Heathers- The Musical - Seventeen (lyrics)File:Heathers- The Musical - Seventeen (reprise) (lyrics)File:Heathers- The Musical - Shine a Light (lyrics)
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