Seventeen (reprise) is the twenty-second and final song of the Off-Broadway musical, Heathers.

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Heathers- The Musical - Seventeen (reprise) (lyrics)02:45

Heathers- The Musical - Seventeen (reprise) (lyrics)


Listen up folks
War is over
Brand new sheriffs come to town
We are done with acting evil
We will lay our weapons down

We're all damaged
We're all frightened
We're all freaks but that's alright
We'll endure it
We'll survive it

Martha, are you free tonight?


Um, my date for the pep rally kind of blew - me off
So I was wondering...
If you weren't doing anything tonight
Maybe we could pop some Jiffy Pop and rent a video?
Something with a happy ending

Are there any happy endings?

I can't promise no more Heathers
High school may not ever end
Still I miss you
I'd be honored
If you'd let me be your friend

My friend

We can be seventeen
We can learn how to chill
If no one loves me now
Someday somebody will
We can be seventeen
Still time to make things right
One day we'll change the world

But lets kick back tonight (And you know, you know, you know)
Lets go be seventeen (We can be beautiful)
Take off our clothes and dance (You know, you know, you know)
Act like we're all still kids
'Cause this could be our final chance ('Cause this could be our final)
(You know, you know, you know)
Always be seventeen (We can be beautiful)
Celebrate you and I
May we won't grow old (You know, you know, you know)

And maybe then we'll never die
We'll make it beautiful
We'll make it beautiful

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